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High School Poems and Upcoming Comics

High School Poems and Upcoming Comics

Upon Parched Roots was written sometime prior to 2017

My last HubPages article featured an old poem called Upon Parched Roots. Upon Parched Roots is a very personal poem. It was written about someone I was in love with as a young adult and who brought me great joy, despite that we both went our separate ways.

On HubPages, I also discussed what it’s like to post old, romantic literature and poems whose meanings may no longer hold the same weight they once did. As I’ve taken greater strides in my journey as a writer, I’ve taken pride in publishing things written over ten years ago. Upon Parched Roots is likely the oldest poem that I still possess.

I used to throw away many things. Even today, I’m careful when organizing because I can be hasty. However, while in my late teens, I once threw exactly 81 of my poems away during a mental breakdown. They were all poems that I had been writing for years.

I couldn’t cope with my existence and my self-esteem was extremely low. My urge to destroy not only myself but also any object associated with me was so overwhelming that I tossed my poems into my tub and burned them.

After that, I stopped writing poetry for many years. With few exceptions, I stopped expressing myself, and the time spent from the end of my high school career to my mid-twenties was extremely arduous. Only three pieces of literature have survived from those times. First, is my debut short story, entitled Compassion as Our Guide. The second is Upon Parched Roots. Third, is another poem, called Nightmare of You.

Unrelatedly, I’m going to have my two single-page comics from 2019 partially re-lettered and re-colored by Fariz Muzakki (@MuzakkiStudio). He was the original artist for Long-Lost Innocence and the original colorist and letterer for Progression. He is a frequent collaborator of mine and I praise him for having always helped bring my visions to life. The changes I’ve made only reflect my previous inexperience as a writer.

I have other comics-related projects in the works as well. This includes a project that I started in 2020 with my close friend and fellow creator, Elixxir, but that was never completed. The comic is called Break the Stigma. I’ve started it again but with a new team this time and I’m so excited about how it’s turning out. I look forward to sharing everything soon!


Everything referenced in this article has been completed and can be viewed by visiting the accompanying links!


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