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Another Life: A Poem About Unrequited Love

Another Life: A Poem About Unrequited Love

I used to take comfort in the hopelessly romantic sentiment that I would be with who I truly longed for in another life or in another place and time

Another Life

my love is abstract & strawberry blond:
his chestnut eyes, his heart of bronze
they make me tremble, I lose my breath
as he curls himself around my chest
our limbs entwined, his lashes pressed.

About Another Life

Another Life was composed within the last few years. It was written with more than one person in mind and as time has passed, has adopted more than one meaning. As its title suggests, Another Life can be interpreted as a romantic poem that explores the fantasizing of, and unrequited yearning for another.

Through its composition, I was also able to express my pansexuality. When choosing who I date, someone’s gender ultimately isn’t important to me. However, I’ve learned that many tend to disregard my sexuality once I tell them that I’ve mostly dated women.

I’ve been told that I am just confused, am not actually attracted to men, or that I am just going through a phase. I actually wrote a comic about this called Break the Stigma.

Publishing such literature is my way of telling the world that I no longer care what people think because this is who I am.


Justus Reinhardt

Justus Reinhardt enjoys writing articles, comics, poetry and prose stories. Through his compositions, Justus' goal is to help others by providing awareness to misunderstood topics.

Justus Reinhardt