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Consumed and Desperate: A Pirate’s Tale

Consumed and Desperate: A Pirate’s Tale

When excess leads to death

Consumed and Desperate

a siren’s song
an eager smile
an insatiable lust
she bathes in us

and baits our captain
by Avarice’s bastion
while digging for diamonds
on barren, secluded islands.

an ardent passion
a thunderous sea
consumed and desperate
he’s bursting at the seams.

About Consumed and Desperate

I had so much fun writing Consumed and Desperate. The poem is my interpretation of a classic tale where pirates meet their demise at the hands of a siren. I was inspired by the health-related and emotional dangers of promiscuity.

When talking about vices, we tend to discuss alcohol, drugs and smoking. However, even things like food, gambling and sex can become an addiction when overindulgence disrupts the quality of one’s life. I am actively working towards maintaining a healthier weight yet know just how hard eating disorders can be to cope with.

I have also seen those in my life become so obsessed with sex that they have cheated on each of their partners (or are actively cheating on their partner). By refusing help and repeatedly associating with those who are unstable, distant and abusive, they have indicated that they have no desire to improve their life or connect emotionally.

It hurts because this toxic behavior negatively affects the safety, happiness and well-being of those I care for and call family.


Justus Reinhardt

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Justus Reinhardt