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Salutations: A Funny Poem for Philosophical Kids

Salutations: A Funny Poem for Philosophical Kids

Raccoons are a man's best friend... right?


I open my eyes.
To my surprise, lies a raccoon by my bedside:
on all fours, by rummaged nightstands and drawers!
I surmise that she entered through my open door.
Yet I give salutations, acknowledging that the absurd
is commonplace amidst our ever-changing lives.

About Salutations

Salutations is a silly and philosophical, 44-word poem for both children and adults. I originally wrote it as a short story for a job application. I’ve been applying to many jobs on freelancing websites and soon hope to begin working in a more stable position as a writer or teacher.

In addition, I’ve just begun the process of submitting a newly completed short story to literary publications. Although the application that I submitted Salutations to was rejected, I enjoy having written this short piece.

Lately, I’ve been having so much fun building my online portfolio! If you’d like to view alternate images relating to all of my poems, you can visit my Instagram. In this instance, the opportunity exists to view another devious raccoon!


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