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Reminiscence: My Coda

Reminiscence: My Coda

"Sever this for all time" - Max Bemis


amidst the chaos
and among the debris
of fragmented perception:
I wander, I sweep unseen
through serene, sunlit meadows
where you lie in tranquility
beneath earth’s tree; oh, the anguish!
the ardor that bursts at the seams!
(equally a dream)

About Reminiscence

I frequently post poems about my exes or romance in general. I’m still somewhat embarrassed to admit that it took me nearly a decade to fully process my two major high-school relationships. I was so young when I fell in love with these women. For this reason and others, I eventually realized that I was mostly in love with an idea – with the thought of what the relationships could have been.

I unhealthily clung to the notion that if my life was somehow like a movie, and if I had been with one of these people, I could have found happiness. I still haven’t found true love and even my longer relationships have typically lasted less than one year. However, I know now that I can’t look to the past for answers.

I still suffer but my mind isn’t in the same place that it used to be. I am not only empathetic but I am proud of my accomplishments and am willing to forgive myself, even when it’s hard. That (among other things) separates me from the boy I once was. I won’t ever write a poem about either of those women again. Regardless, I only wish anyone I’ve ever dated the best.

  • In “Exes,” Kele Okereke of the band, Bloc Party, sings:
    • “To all the exes that I left behind: these words will fall short but I must try.”

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