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Regression: Toxicity or Freedom From It

Regression: Toxicity or Freedom From It

Beware of social isolation


I criticized my best friend
for nothing of significance
and questioned his intentions
for there is but one who knows
of any comrade’s true intentions.

arms outstretched
and mind shut tightly,
I have been summoned
to a cavernous darkness:
unmatched and unsound.

About Regression

The irony of this poem is that it’s about someone who actually did have bad intentions. Still, I think it’s best to be mindful of when we’re being unjustly critical of those in our lives.

Regression was written about an old friend. He was judgmental and instead of accepting me for my unique quirks, would pressure me into changing my habits and views.

I don’t deny that we all need friends to tell us when we’re making poor decisions. However, no friend should bully another by repeatedly suggesting that they engage in unhealthy or questionable behavior.

My previous friend’s life has always contrasted my own but despite that the signs were always there, I’ll never forget the wonderful times we shared. Growing apart from those we care about can be devastating but it’s important to surround oneself with positivity.

Regression is also a reminder that I too must recognize when I am being overly critical. I am doing my best to remedy my own undesirable behavior and am so grateful for those in my life who have stood by me.


Justus Reinhardt

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Justus Reinhardt