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Mental Health, Free Verse Poetry Collection

Mental Health, Free Verse Poetry Collection

The poems in this collection discuss topics of love, loss, shame and regret

An article that I just wrote, entitled Emotional, Free Verse Poetry About Relationships and Mental Illness, was just published and featured on the website, HubPages. While the poems that have been featured, are older, this is important to me because it’s my first collection of poetry, or literature in general, that I’ve published on an actual revenue-sharing platform.

After having taken a creative break of nearly two years, I’ve been much more inspired lately and have been writing a great deal of literature. I generally write deeply personal literature about mental health and other subjects like love, philosophy and the state of the world. From this point forward, I’ll be putting much more effort into utilizing my website, writing new articles and posting the work that I’ve accumulated throughout the years.

These poems are about two of my past relationships from high school, where I had very strong feelings for the people I was involved with. Though I was young, it took me many years to find closure. Fortunately, I eventually had conversations with these individuals where forgiveness was given.

The titles of these poems describe my mental state throughout the years in regards to these relationships. Unfortunately, I know that many can relate to having self-deprecating thoughts and low self-esteem.

The poems within the article are entitled Descension, Obsession and Rumination. Descension is an alternate, darker take on my one-page comic collaboration with John Howard (@JohnHowardDraws) and Fariz Muzakki (@MuzakkiStudio), entitled Progression.

Additionally, I used my favorite quote in the article.

  • Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, said:
    • “You are never destroyed by anyone except yourself.”


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