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Long-Lost Innocence: A Sci-Fi Western Comic

Long-Lost Innocence: A Sci-Fi Western Comic

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Long-Lost Innocence

  • Long-Lost Innocence was written by Justus Reinhardt
  • It was beautifully drawn, inked, shaded, colored & lettered by Fariz Muzakki (@MuzakkiStudio)

  • For easier, full-resolution viewing on desktop devices, or devices with larger screens, you may also visit my related DeviantArt post

About Long-Lost Innocence

Long-Lost Innocence is about a stern, war-hardened man who realizes that despite his past, violence is not the answer.

Upon writing the script for Long-Lost Innocence, I intended to throw my readers off guard. No one is perfect and we all must make assessments in life. However, it’s best to keep in mind that one should never judge a book by its cover. I believe that one’s ability to show empathy and to know when to give others chances separates the compassionate from the judgmental.

Furthermore, I had less free time to write for pleasure and to submit my work for publication during my last semester of college. Once classes ended, however, I focused on this project and collaborated for the first time with Fariz Muzakki (a fellow creative mind based in Indonesia). I’m incredibly passionate about comics and even wrote a twenty-page term paper on the subject.

I’ll continue writing and won’t give up on my dream. I would eventually like to write longer comics that may be submitted to publications. However, I feel accomplished and recognize that I’m only at the tip of the iceberg. One page? It still felt amazing.


In May 2019, I finished the rough draft of my first-ever comic. After having recently commissioned Fariz Muzakki to complete a few extra edits of things that I had initially overlooked as a writer, Long-Lost Innocence is now truly as I had always envisioned it to be.


Justus Reinhardt

Justus Reinhardt enjoys writing articles, comics, poetry and prose stories. Through his compositions, Justus' goal is to help others by providing awareness to misunderstood topics.

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