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Long-Lost Innocence: Webcomic

Long-Lost Innocence: Webcomic

I’ve decided to weave my stories into a webcomic titled, Long-Lost Innocence. It’s an ongoing series where many of my characters can be found. It’s also named after my first-ever comic. Furthermore, adult themes may sometimes be present but will typically relate to positive messages regarding life’s trials and tribulations. While this webcomic is in its beginning stages, the content will range from comedic, fantastical, inspirational and even romantic. I hope you enjoy the stories!

Break the Stigma

In Break the Stigma, a young man argues with another who discriminates based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Break the Stigma was written by Justus Reinhardt
  • It was beautifully drawn, inked and shaded by Tiano (@Tian_Art15 on Instagram)
  • It was gorgeously colored by Giraaz Studio (@GiraazStudio)
  • It was exquisitely lettered by Boknoy Buhisan

In 2019, I wrote two one-page comics. Soon after, I realized that my writing had been quite unpolished! I was and still am learning. I’ve only ever written a few pages of comics! Regardless, I’ve greatly enjoyed working with my collaborators. Two of my favorite writers are J. L. Westover and Zach Stafford. I’m a fan of funny and clever webcomics reminiscent of their styles, so I will be writing more like those in the future.


Progression is a deeply personal short story about a girl who realizes that she must seek love and support to overcome self-harm.

  • Progression was beautifully drawn, inked and shaded by John Howard (@JohnHowardDraws)
  • It was gorgeously colored and lettered by Fariz Muzakki (@MuzakkiStudio)

Progression was inspired by my mental health journey as a child, adolescent and young adult. It was also inspired by my struggles with self-harm, which began in early elementary school. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I permanently stopped hurting myself, and through trial and error, found the right regiment of prescribed medications that worked for me. I still suffer most days (as so many of us do).

In high school, I used to self-harm in class and (as is discussed in my poem, Meaning in Existence) fantasize about death. I’m so grateful that I received help when I did and that I’ve always had tremendous support from my family and friends. My greatest turning point was when I gave my grandmother my razor blade.

Long-Lost Innocence

Long-Lost Innocence is about a stern, war-hardened man who realizes that despite his past, violence is not the answer.

    • Long-Lost Innocence was written by Justus Reinhardt
    • It was beautifully drawn, colored & lettered by Fariz Muzakki (@MuzakkiStudio)

Upon writing the script for Long-Lost Innocence, I intended to throw my readers off guard. No one is perfect and we all must make assessments in life. However, it’s best to keep in mind that one should never judge a book by its cover. I believe that one’s ability to show empathy and to know when to give others chances separates the compassionate from the judgmental.

Not all aliens have bad intentions and we’ll soon discover that even Jehoshaphat may have simply needed a friend.

Justus Reinhardt